• Christian, developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • Enthusiastic staff committed to making you and your child know that FCCNS is the place to be
  • Individualized goals and lesson planning that meet the NYS pre-kindergarten learning standards
  • Our staff will prepare your preschool child for kindergarten
  • Weekly music enrichment during the school year
  • Weekly drama class during the school year
  • Literature, health and science enrichment
  • Large muscle play available daily, indoors and outside
  • Stimulating field trips
  • USDA approved meals
  • Weekly chapel
  • Service projects for children
  • Teachers work with individual children, small groups and the whole group at different times during the day
  • Focus on “process” rather than “product” 
  • Develop concepts of trust and respect
  • Learning through hands-on and discovery activities
  • FCCNS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious, national or ethnic origin
  • Brightwheel Technology, communication tool for parents and teachers  Click here for a preview!


"My husband and I could not be happier and feel luckier to have Justin at your school. Between Emily and Justin - this is BY FAR the best school/experience/teachers and staff we have experienced at a Nursery School. As you know, the experience these kids have at such early ages can mold the rest of their lives and how they feel about school forever. We had the opportunity to send Justin to Browncroft daycare in the UPK program (at no cost) but we just didn’t feel comfortable there. And we are SO thankful you were able to get him into the Firefly classroom. We are just so impressed with his teachers and the kindness and love we see throughout the FL family." ~ Danielle Parkhurst

"FCCNS has been a second home to my children since they were infants. The staff and the facilities are wonderful, safe, clean and fun. The staff and the directors have a deep investment in the growth and safety of the children and I always know I am leaving my kids in trusting hands. I would recommend FCCNS to any family that is looking for childcare." ~Katelyn

"Faith Lutheran is a wonderful childcare.  My children have fun being creative as well as being active while there.  They do fun field trips during the summer camps.  The staff is welcoming & nurturing." ~Nicole B. (School-Age parent)

"FCCNS and all of your staff is such a blessing to our girls.  Thank you for creating an environment where they can learn, grow, make friends and memories.  This is their home away from home and we are so grateful to have a safe place to bring them each day.  We are lucky to have FCCNS!" ~Kate Lennox

"Dear Lori, I have to tell you that I am truly blown away with how amazing the program is a Faith. My husband and I are impressed daily with how wonderful the teachers are when working with Dominic, how positive they are whenever we drop him off or pick him up and how fantastic the communication is!

Dominic LOVES coming to school and on numerous times has cried when we pick him up “early” according to him☺

Thank you doesn’t do it justice, but please know that we are grateful for you, this program, Ms. Pucci, Ms. Sarah, all the other staff and the hard work that has gone into making this the best year yet for our Dominic!!!" ~Angela George

"I have been so thrilled with our move to Faith. She comes home and leads the prayers at meals and tells me how Jesus is everywhere and that he loves her. It's so cute so thank you for being so wonderful with her." ~Lauren

"Our family loves FCCNS. Our children enjoy all activities they do through out the day. It is very clear to see how much the teachers love each child. We are happy with all the fun things the kids get to do everyday even as infants.  We are happy with all the fun things the kids get to do everyday even as infants.  FCCNS has lots of fun events throughout the year that allow families to be involved with their children's day, like 4th of July parade, Mother's and Father's Day events, Grandparent's Day, etc.  We would highly recommend FCCNS (and have)." ~Amy

"I have had an extremely positive experience at Faith Child Care. All three of my children have attended the program and it has been a positive experience for all. I am especially impressed with the kind and caring staff, both in the classroom and on the administrative end. I feel very comfortable and secure sending my children to Faith and knowing that they will be taken care of during the day and ready for kindergarten in the fall." ~Kara

“I feel very secure when I leave my children each morning – I’m able to go to work knowing they’re safe and receiving quality care and attention from caring and qualified teachers and individuals.”

"I think about my children during the day while they are at FCCNS, but I don't worry about them."

“To refer to everyone at FCCNS as ‘staff’ would seem inappropriate and impersonal. It is more a family-like environment with caring individuals taking a specific and genuine interest in the care and development of my child and trying to maximize their learning potential while at the same time instilling Christian-based values."

our goals

It is our hope that both the home and FCCNS working together will help stimulate the interests and develop the skills and talents of every child. Our teachers work with your child in every area of their development, making sure that they will be ready for Kindergarten. With the local school districts pushing reading, writing, math and science so strongly in kindergarten, we have worked hard to create a curriculum for both of our Pre-K classes that is based upon the Pre-Kindergarten learning standards which are set forth by New York State, and are the goals that the children should reach for as they prepare for school. Our goals include:


  • Know that they are loved by God
  • Learn that Jesus is their Lord and Savior
  • Learn Christian songs
  • Learn Bible stories

Responsibility, Cooperation and Respect

  • Develop a sense of community and belonging
  • Gain self-control and independence
  • Increase awareness of own feelings and abilities
  • Cultivate ability to express emotions appropriately
  • Develop positive relationships with peers
  • Build relationships of trust and respect with adults
  • Develop ability to relate cooperatively within a group
  • Recognize and respect the feelings and needs of others
  • Understand and respect social and cultural diversity

Language and Communication

  • Effectively communicate needs, feelings and resolve conflict through language
  • Develop the ability to respond to verbal directions
  • Develop a sense of story
  • Develop a knowledge and understanding of a broad vocabulary for thinking and communication
  • Understand the correspondence between spoken and written language
  • Develop reading readiness skills
  • Develope early writing skills
  • Perceive themselves as listeners, speakers, readers and writers
  • Appreciate varied forms and uses of language
  • Express themselves through creative media such as music, movement, dance and the visual arts


  • Maintain a desirable level of health and fitness
  • Develop basic gross and fine motor skills
  • Increase knowledge about care of their bodies


  • Know personal information
  • Know about the community, celebrations and social roles
  • Begin to recognize conventional symbols including numerals, letters, warning labels, road signs, etc. 
  • Develop learning by acting on objects and observing results
  • Understand and construct logical relationships such as classifying, sequencing, seriating and one-to-one correspondence
  • Develop a concept of time and space
  • Develop concept of numerical relationships
  • Represent and understand ideas and feelings through imaginative play

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