Stewardship starts with the Creator.  From creation, human beings were tasked with the stewardship of all that the Lord God made. But this stewardship was not left to the will and whim of man. Instead, being created in the image of God, the steward is to reflect the Creator’s will in every aspect of his or her stewardship. Stewards can be good. But because of the first stewardship crisis of Genesis 3, all stewardship is flawed. Usurping the role of the Creator, sinful stewards claimed ownership of what was not theirs (time, talents, treasures). But in the blessing of the Gospel, the steward is redeemed and set free to reflect the image of the Creator and Redeemer. Stewardship that begins in the right place can, by the leading of the Holy Spirit through the Gospel, produce an understanding of stewardship that is liberating. The desired result is faithfulness.

Watch three testimonies below of Faith members who have learned what it means to be good stewards of time, talent, and treasure.

Stewardship is taking care of your God-given gifts.